PVA Loan Agreement (Required) for Reflections 2021

This loan agreement is one of TWO (2) online forms to be submitted. In addition to this PVA Loan Agreement, you MUST also fill out the Labels and Records form.

PVA requires each artist fill out and agree to the terms of their loan agreement as part of the submission process. The forms are due 7/12/2021. The exhibition team will check the entries before the final PVA submission date (as stated on their form) of 8/1/21.

If you require a hard copy of these forms, contact exhibits@mbmag.org

The final due date for both forms is for the exhibit team to have them in hand (physically or electronically) no later than 7/12/2021.


You must fill this form out in it’s entirety in one session or the data you have entered will be lost if you log out (or are timed out).

Do NOT hit the browser “back” button or arrow while you are filling out the form, or your data will all be lost. Use the PREVIOUS and NEXT buttons to navigate forwards and backwards through the forms.

We suggest that you look at the blank PDF versions of both of the forms before you begin, so you are aware of ALL the data fields that you must complete to successfully submit your entry. Download links for both PDF versions and an example of a filled out Labels & Records (L&R) form are at the bottom of this page below this online version of the L&R form. The PDFs must be downloaded to your computer or other device BEFORE you try to open them or the fill-able form will not work correctly.


While filling out this loan agreement on the website, each each artist has the opportunity to list up to 5 total items to be for sale in the PVA Cash and Carry Gift Shop Area during the start of the exhibition period. You may enter a maximum of 5 pieces total into the Gift Shop aka Cash & Carry area. For example, you may enter quantity 5 of the same object. Or, you may enter 5 separate objects. Or, you may enter quantity 3 of one item and 2 of another. This form has one separate entry for each of the 5 individual objects. If you have 5 of the same object, copy and paste the Title Description from the first entry into the following 4 entry fields. (If you are submitting 1 of each item, you must still select Qty = 1 for each item.)

The completed forms will be emailed automatically to you for saving and printing. Follow the instructions on each form. The complete forms are also automatically emailed to the MBMAG exhibition team for inventory purposes and to PVArts . If you have submitted both forms online your submissions have automatically been sent to Hedwig@pvarts.org.

If you are unable to submit the forms electronically on the website via the online form below, there are PDF versions of the form that you can print and fill out hand. Note that you will then need to photograph or scan the PVA Loan Agreement and email that to Hedwig@pvarts.org. You will also need to email one sheet of the Labels and Records form to exhibits@mbmag.org

To collapse these instructions, click the “-” sign in the blue band. To see the instructions again, click the “+” sign in the blue band.

Downloadable PDFs and example of filled out L&R form

PVArts Loan Agreement 2021 (Fillable PDF)
Reflections Labels & Records (L&R) Form (Fillable PDF)
EXAMPLE filled out L&R Form