Links Project

Join Our Current and Historical Record of Member Artists

Links Challenge - MBMAG
Section of the original Links Project

In ~ 2003, MBMAG asked each of the members to create and donate a small piece of artwork that would reflect their skills and aesthetic.  The piece would have a means to connect it on both ends and once linked together would become one chain of unique works.

In 2015, the guild began a new “Links Project” which demonstrated each of our member’s style and personality. 

The new chain of links is exhibited, along with the original chain, at our exhibits and events where appropriate.

Contribute a Link

We invite all members to make a link that meets the following parameters
The individual piece should range be a minimum size of 1 x 1 x 1″ HLD*
– The individual piece must not exceed to 1.5 x 2 x 1″ HLD*
– The piece must be link-able on both ends
– The piece must reflect your unique style

*HLD = Height x Length x Depth where Length is the measurement between the link-able end rings

Send an email if you have more questions, or are ready to donate your link.